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CR8VMNDS has worked with the owner of Sports Mind to create a brand that could transcend sports, entrepreneurship, success, and lifestyle.





We started off by establishing a registered mark with USPTO, then creating the product label, establishing brand identity colors, launching a viral campaign, via google, Facebook, Instagram, and also network television.
We later created products to further the brand, that are sold via online and also through select retailers. (The Sales strategy was created by our mother company The Vigor Group)

SportsMind® is designed to support your cognitive function. Created to enhance focus, increase energy levels, and enhance your mental performance. SportsMind® has been formulated to accelerate your mental drive by increasing your neurotransmitter levels, and enhanced neuron protection. SportsMind® a balanced way to achieve elevated mental performance has been created for Entrepreneurs, Athletes, High Level Achievers, and Students.
SportsMind® Winning > Losing

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